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PgMP Exam Simulator Services 

Mock-Tests Simulating Exam Scenarios with Exam Prep Videos

"Boost Your Confidence and Ace the PgMP Exam with our Comprehensive & Realistic Exam Simulator!"

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Professionals Enabled




Success Rate in 1st Attempt


Programs Conducted

Realistic practice exams

Simulated scenarios replicating real-world program management situations

In-depth coverage of exam topics

Detailed explanations and references for correct answers

Opportunity to identify knowledge gaps and focus on weak areas

Time management strategies and techniques for the exam

Access to an online community for peer support and exam-related discussions

Convenient online platform accessible anytime, anywhere


Enhanced Program Management Knowledge Deepen your understanding of program management concepts, principles, and best practices to excel in the exam and real-world scenarios.
Practice with Realistic Exams Simulate the exam experience with a series of practice exams designed to mirror the format, difficulty level, and question types of the PgMP exam.
Identify and Address Knowledge Gaps Receive detailed explanations and references for correct answers, allowing you to identify and address any knowledge gaps in your program management expertise.
Learn Time Management Strategies Develop effective time management skills to maximize your performance ensuring you can complete all questions within the allocated time.
Exam Readiness Assessment Assess exam readiness by taking full-length simulated exams and receive feedback on performance. 

Access to Online Community Join an online community of professionals preparing for the PgMP exam, engage in discussions, share insights, and receive support from peers.

Anytime Access: Watch our classes, live, or recorded, anytime from any of your devices.

What Professionals Say About Us

I took my PgMP prep training with Sanjeev and he was terrific. His delivery of the material was terrific - clear and well thought out. He engaged the trainees in well thought-out discussions. Sanjeev's instruction and support were instrumental in my passing the PgMP exam on the first try!. I have already recommended his training course to colleagues.

Linda Rehor


I had the pleasure of attending his online training sessions and taking advantage of his coaching services for the PgMP preparation. I appreciated in him the ability to always combine concepts with practical examples. Each advice is very understandable and useful, and individual attention is always given as required. I would recommend training with Mr Kumar

Antonio Olivieri

5 Rating

Sanjeev was my PgMP trainer, and I had an insightful learning experience with him. He covers all the SPM concepts in great detail, was potent to clarify all of my questions, and helped me step by step right from submitting my application until I passed the exam. When I finished the first draft of my book, he even helped review the same & shared useful inputs that made the book even better.

Anand Vijay kr.


I had the very good fortune to be referred to Sanjeev for training by Lee Lambert to help me in my pursuit of the PgMP certification. I really appreciate his dedication. His study materials are priceless when it comes to clarifying PgMP & PfMP concepts. I recommend Mr. Sanjeev Kumar to everyone who is looking to make themselves better and achieving the PgMP & PfMP certification. I have already recommended his training courses to colleagues.         

Tom Lyttleton


Where Some Of Our Global Alumni Work

Join our esteemed network of global alumni who achieved PgMP and PfMP Certification.
Our alumni have secured positions at renowned organizations such as


PgMP Domains Question

  • Program Strategy Alignment
  • Program Benefit Management
  • Program Governance
  • Program Stakeholder Engagement
  • Program Life Cycle

Full Mock Exams (170 Ques Each)

  • Mock Test – 1
  • Mock Test - 2
  • Mock Test - 3
  • Mock Test - 4
  • Mock Test - 5

Exam Prep Videos & Prep Material

  • PgMP Exam Key Concepts
  • Exam Time Management Strategies
  • Lesson Learned & Exp. Sharing
  • Exam Prep Slides
  • Mind Maps & Flashcards
Meet Your Instructor

Trainer, Mentor, Consultant, Content Creator, Entrepreneur

Sanjeev Kumar

Hi, I am Sanjeev, My career in project, program, and portfolio management spans over 20 years.
I have trained 6000+ professionals on PMP, PgMP & PfMP Certification around the globe.
I am helping professionals achieve their PgMP & PfMP Certification in the fastest & easiest way through a unique 4-step mentoring approach.
I will share industry insights, real-world examples, and personal experience in the course.
We will also cover a few additional topics from other programs and portfolio management frameworks & standards, and not limit these courses to just PgMP or PfMP Certification preparation.

I am sure you will enjoy the process and certification journey with me. So, join me on this mission.

I will look forward to seeing you inside the course

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